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Why might a student fail the Mod 2 test?

We always get asked during training why might a student fail the Mod 2 test. The real way of looking at it is to think what you need to do to pass.
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Motorcycles Suitable For Test

If you attend a Mod 1 or Mod 2 motorcycle test with a training school then you can be sure your motorcycle complies with the requirements of being
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What is ECE2205?

For a motorcycle helmet (and visors if fitted) to be sellable AND comply with the law in the UK it must be approved to a standard. Since the 1990s
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That is the end of your test and…

At the end of your Mod 2 test your examiner, before you find out if you have passed or failed, will ask if you want your instructor present at the
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Driving Licence

Foreign Driving Licences

If you already hold a full motorbike category on a foreign driving licence you may ride that category of motorbike in the UK. for the lifetime of
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Best first bike?

A common question from students on their DAS course is "what do you recommend as my first bike?" They might also mention that their friends have said
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Low Cost Commuting

With the rising cost of living affecting nearly every activity we do in our lives, commuting is one area where motorbiking can save you money. If you
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Two new Yamaha MT07 bikes added to our fleet

At the end of last year we bought two more Yamaha MT07 bikes to add to our DAS fleet. These will be used for category A training and also A2 because
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2022 Highway Code updates

Recent updates to the Highway Code have been in the mainstream press a lot recently as they will become effective from 29th January. However, in many
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2022 will be a great biking year

A recent article over on the Motorcycle News website points to a good 2022 for biking. Despite the effects of the COVID lockdowns on motorcycle tests
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Due to the Covid backlog the availability of Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests is very dynamic. Please call us directly on 07810 892689 for the latest DAS course and test availability.